Removing Escort ZX2 and car dealership decals

I wanted to know the best way to remove the stock ZX2, escort, and dealership emblems. I know you should use a heat gun and blow dryer but the other day I was hanging out with some friends and I wondered what the car would look like without the ZX2 emblems. So I just peeled it out. From far away it looks good but when you get really close you can still see the glue. Also once the glue has melted what is the best tool to use to get the glue off wthout scratching the paint. Thanx.

elbow grease and patience. warm it a little and wipe. warm it and wipe. repeat till off. Do not let the heating gun stay on too long, youll burn the paint.

Thanx ill try that this weekend before I wash my car. A blow dryer is just as good right?

should be

I used a credit card when I debadged my car.

Don’t take the one off the front though, it’ll leave a dent.

You mean the ford eblem? No way cuz. all I want people to notice first is that they were beat by a Ford. :wink:

there is this product called “goo gone” that works really well

Where would I get that Autozone? Is that the stuff that removes sticker residue from when for example people put stickers on the inside of their lockers at school? will it damage paint?

Goo-Gone is an amazing product. It works amazingly well and WILL NOT damage your paint. I’ve used it for just about anything that didn’t come off with just the car soap. I would recommend applying some goo-gone, let it sit a couple secs then wipe with your sponge/rag/mit whatever you use and the car soap to wipe that off, then rinse just for good measure.

I’ve also heard the credit card thing.

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professional bodyshops don’t use heat guns(maybe occasionally).

There is a rubber pinstripe eraser that chucks in a high speed (must be high speed) drill or die grinder. You have to spin it about 3000 rpm, but no more than 5000 rpm.

Astro makes them, and a few other companies. sells them

Doing it any other way is a waste of time and the results aren’t as predictable. Also, factory decals and dealer installed pinstriping, or emblems leave ghost inpressions in the paint that are very hard to get rid of. In most cases, the only way to eliminate the ghost lines is to sand down to bare metal, reprime and paint.

It depends on how long they were on.

When I took the pinstripes off my car ('93), you could tell for a few weeks, but eventually it’ll fade together.