Remote Mount Oil Cooler for High Hp applications

I was thinking about installing a remote mount oil cooler on my zx2. Im worried about losing oil pressure at higher rpms. With the cams I have purchased I will be routinely hitting around 7500 rpm. On a stock engine i wouldnt think twice about it, but… just a thought. Any input would be appreciated. Thx should have you covered

Think of it like this. You turning a crank that pumps water up 5 feet above it’s origin. It doesn’t matter how big the pool becomes or how much water is added, it doesn’t change the fact that you are pumping water up 5 feet.

The only difference that would change the pressure would be if you changed the size of the oil line or the pump. That is because you have increased the volume of oil being moved.

So go ahead and add in your oil cooler, but you made need to add more oil for the entire system. And make sure you put the oil cooler above the hole tapped to return the oil to the pan.

Ok got the oil cooler installed, and its a PITA, ever try to bend half inch steel line? lol I used a universal remote mount oil filter kit and just plumbed in the 4 core cooler from permacool, I used half inch rubber oil line (for turbo’s) to go from the stock location to get above the alternator, and then bent steel line to go from above the alt to down infront of the radiator/condenser assembly where the filter and cooler is mounted. So far there has been no problems (really) it increased system capacity when full to a little over 6 qts, and lowered engine temp almost 10 degrees steady when driving above 35 mph, The only issure so far is that if you let the car sit a full day you should hold the throttle in “clear flood” and crank it untill you build up oil pressure (usually takes about 5 seconds worth of cranking) becuase the oil drains back into the pan from the top part of the lines, also crank it when you do and oil change because it takes a while to get the oil out there and back. I would also strongly recommend using a FR oil filter or a moroso filter because either of them have a very high flow rate, and the least pressure drop (about 2-3 psi only) obviously there is a pressure drop across all of this mess of lines etc so you want as much of a free flowing filter as possible! This week at work im goin to install an Oil pressure gauge and measure the actual pressure drop across it all just to make sure I didnt plug up the system too much, ill get back to ya’ll when I figure all that out