Remember the crazy biker guy?

Does anyone remember my story of the crazy biker who sang to me at the light when he was listening to his crazy bluegrass music on his harley? Remember that guy?

Well I see him EVERY MORNING and just recently started taking my bike. But when i ride to work on the ninja I usually go early and get a head start but this morning I left the normal time i would in the zx2. I’m waiting at the light and all the sudden I hear bluegrass music behind me. I thought “Oh WTF serious?” and I look behind me, there he is, he nods to me and pulls up next to me side by side and I say kind of nervously like “Hey nice bike.” he smiles and said “You too, how many ccs is that?” i said “Oh its just a 250.” and he goes “Thats a nice 250.” i said “Thats a nice harley.” and then the light apparently was green and we were holding up traffic with talking so i went. Then for some reason he follows me. Stop sign is up, he pulls up next to me again and we just were sort of chatting on and off each time we stopped, SUPER nice guy!

Next thing I know, we’re on the highway and he’s riding behind me in staggered formation about halfway on my way to work, he just decided to hitch up and follow me. Tons of fun, people were looking at us like “WTF? Sport bike and a harley?”, they got out of our way every time we wanted to pass, too good.

Just figured i’d share my experience and let you know that i actually MET the crazy biker guy today, way cool guy! He had these blue glasses that looked like something that someone would wear on the matrix, lol he had a way cool outfit, too cool.

Anyway, random moment brought to you by me.

OK Derek i think you need to get out more ofter. Or lay off the sauce burbon effects your perception. Like at last call the 4 becomes a 9

lol. Still though, thats cool. Good to know that there are still good crazy people around.

I’m confused.

I’m confused too Koi. But that’s funny. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

A woman that was a 4 the 1st time you saw her is a 9 at last call and 6 shots later
oh nevermind

Lol!! I agree, cool crazy people are great :slight_smile: Too bad there aren’t more of them, eh?


I get it now Roushy!!! :mrgreen:

  • Darron