Regarding the LSD that never was.

I was asked to notifiy that there is pending leagal action in the screwed up group buy for the LSD over at, and if anyone here was a part of that to please read this:

Thanks for notifying us of the new legal proceddings on this. I do not believe anyone here bought into the LSD group buy but he will now be placed on the “DNB” list until this has been resolved with all parties involved.

If anyone was a victim of this that I am unaware of, please head on over to the link that Darth provided. Be sure to provide ZZZX2 any and all information that is relevant to the LSD group buy. Names, Addresses, Reciepts anything that will help get this situation resolved.

Boy am I ever glad that I didn’t get involved.

  • Darron

I know Marco, he has been around almost as long as I have. He is a good guy, he never intended to scam anybuddy. If he would of wanted that he would have never been long gone.

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I too know Marco and it upsets me to have to do this but until this is resolved we cannot allow him to continue. Marco NEEDS to respond and keep the people who have paid him updated on the progress of this. Keep in mind he is not BANNED. Our members and others in the ZX2 community need to be aware of whats going on before they step into the situation and possibly shell out large sums of money for something that has shown NO progress in over a year.

Several members here (and in the community in general) have been victims of scams before (anyone remember Ian Skinner A.K.A. 2bar400hp??). In fact Marco himself was almost part of that particular incident. I find it hard to believe that he would intentionally scam as many others do and I even spoke out for him in the Torsen LSD thread when several people tried to say that he was unknown in the community. This was decided on to protect our members.

Lately it seems, theres been a rash of people who are targetting our brothers and sisters in the ZX2 community. While we cannot protect everyone, we can warn our users against others who might not be reliable.

I could not agree with you more, because of the limited amount of aftermarket support out there we have become targets of scammers. So protecting us, even from ourselves, is something that few do.

PM sent Ironmark

for those who have not recieved the email, or who still don’t know what’s going on. Here is the email I and I’m assuming many others recieved.

Like IM I hope that Marco comes through very soon, but I am still going ahead with the authorites, in fact I’m waiting for a phone call this morning.

Here is the email

From: “Marco Lima” <>
Subject: ATTNL: Protege/ZX2 Group Buy Buyers
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 21:01:39 -0500
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 15 Mar 2007 02:01:43.0152 (UTC) FILETIME=[E0DC4F00:01C766A5]

Dear buyer,
First of all I will like to apolagize for any delays, lack of updates, and
the little time I have to support this project. I know many of you emailed
me the last month and I have gotten back to most of your emails, check your
email inboxes. The Group buy is a failure due to two main faults. Support
and my own. The deposits and support did grow as time went one in the
beginning of the project. Support from protégé owners was very helpful at
first. Though at the time of the few set deadlines the needed amount of
buyers for the project to move forward was lacking. My plan was to stay
with the project. At the same time a very large opportunity finally broke
through for me to really get out into the market. I planned to finish it
first and projected that its initial profits would fill in the required
spots left for the group buy. To make a big story short, my investors left
me out to dry so I pursued them in filing a lawsuit. I was so deep already
I couldn’t just drop and forget it. I was empty handed without any funding
whatsoever. Between lawyers fees, bills, and carrying the two projects I
had my hands full and tied. I’ve been working 2 jobs, selling what I have
left the since November. With barely have any time for my personal life
in-between work never mind anything else, I have struggled and had no chance
to pay attention to the project anymore.

My other project is far larger therefore my delay in trying to clean it up.
I’m not finished cleaning up the large project but it’s noting going
anywhere till my lawsuit moves on. It takes forever so I have time to clean
this group buy up. Also I am not or ever tried to scam any of you. My
intentions with this project were to bring something to the protege/zx2
community something unique and something it doesn’t have. Plus it would be
a great opportunity for future marketing projects. Plain and simple I am
not going to nor wanting to run away with anyone’s money. It’s yours; most
of you have worked hard for it and don’t deserve to be scammed. There’s
enough of that going on in this world.

With that said I am in the process of securing a loan I can get to organize
my financial situation between the buyers in this project and my lawsuit.

I ask that you just have a little more patience with me with the return. I
hope to have everything straighten out by Easter.

I know that a few of you have filed a claim against me a few months back. I
don’t blame you but I also don’t fear you either. If I was someone else out
for your money, I would be gone and disappeared long ago by the time the
investigation was finally up to date and on someone’s desk.

I will inform you the closer I get to return your money.

Thank You for your involvement in this project and your patience for the
last 9 months.

(Sorry if I didn’t answer your question, I quickly typed this email in a
hurry. Feel free to ask me anything. Also I have all your information
still and will notify you right before I send your return.)


Thank you ZZZX2!


Ok gang. I’ve been in contact with my friend who works in the fraud division of the local Police force here in Ontario. Unfortunately he stated that from up here I’d be able to do nothing.

His suggestion was for someone from the same area as Marco start by talking with the local police. As far as the FBI goes, it would not be taken by them at this point.

The fact that Marco sent out the email that states what he did with the funds and that his intentions are to pay us back, makes him “on the hook” for the money. The fact he hasn’t skipped town (so to speak) would not make it fraud at this point (straight from police).

BUT… Again I state, he is on the hook for the money, and I’m sure all of us who were involved in this “group buy” would apreciate someone who lives in the RI area to pick up the ball on this one. I’d forward the information that I’ve been provided to the person who is picking up the ball on this one. I’d hate to have to cross the border to start a claim and make it a very difficult “international” affair.

Darryl W. Van Gaal

If I ever see that dude, I will kill him with my own bare hands. :evil:

same here, douche owes us money!