… Makes Fast and The Furious look good…

god it was painful to sit through that movie. Dont ask me what motivated me to see, I dont know, but I regret it now.

Best part of the movie was when my g/f turns to me and says “the only thing that can make this movie worse would be if the chicks were fat”… 10 mins later theres a fat chick in the background playing pool. I damn near pissed myself.

LOL! Nice. Unfortunately, I’ll probably like it for it’s crappiness (like FF, 2F2F, FFTD). But based on your recommendation I’ll just rent it.

  • Darron

Don’t judge a book by whether it has ferrari enzos and saleen s7s? okie dokie.

Mark i read that post off to my tech support team out loud, who all of them damn near pissed themselves. You are a funny man.

Bravo man, thanks for taking one for the team. Should I ever get down to meet you I’ll buy you and your girl a round.

seriously… its not worth renting

I’ll still do it. Torque, Fast and the Furious trilogy, Biker Boyz…I have to at least see it for myself. lol

  • Darron

I dont recommend seeing it either, the best part of the movie was when the black pimp landed the plane on the highway to kick off one of his hoes.

you mean comedian Eddie Griffon(sp)?

I thought the better part was at the end when he saw her with the movie mogul and said “I remember I made you walk bow legged one night”

BTW the plane landing on the highway looked fake…