Recaros from a MX-3

Looking for a set of front seats off the MX-3, the Recaros specifically. I’m planing on redoing the whole interior so they don’t have to be perfect.

I have a set of them Darth! However I don’t have the chair rails for them… =(

lol, aren’t those the ones that RoushZX2 sold you?

=) yeah… they have been sitting in my basement since I got them from him… I’ve been searching for the seat rails. I found them at one place, but they were like $120 per rail :o

So, you don’t want em? Honestly, I think I’d like to see if I can get a whole set before I buy just the seats. But at least I’ll keep an eye out for an extra set of rails for you.

Just fab some rails up haha. I paid 200 for mine at one time…man was I stupid.

I have a set, but aren’t you pretty far from Columbus, OH?

They are the purple-ish (lol) ones. Perfect condition, and they have the leather backings on them with the pouch.

Let me know if you are interested bud!

BTW brad(zx2guy) is a great guy. So don’t be worry if you are about his selling ability’s. He is trustworthy

Yea his location says Los Angeles. I’m hoping I can get a set of the leather heated ones soon

Hey, zx2guy19. Since i’ve come up with 0 junkyards with em, I am interested in your set. PM me pics?

Alright man, I’ll get some ASAP. Just know, shipping is going to blow. But, at least they are nice, right?

Bingo. Besides, I’d be paying a bit for the rails otherwise, and since I’m running out of JK I can check, you might be the only option. :smiley:

Not the best pic in the world, but you get the idea they look nice and what not.

Ok, found a set at a local Junkyard but they don’t look that nice. Can you estimate shipping to 90249?

Disclaimer- That is not my car, it is the car I got those out of :lol:

I am checking into shipping for you. It will be around $100 via Greyhound :[, but I am going to officially check soon, I have class the next few days.

those are nice seats. Hopefully you can get them buddy

yeah they are in much better condition then the ones i have

Dude sorry I stopped getting emails about people posting here. Do you still want them? Let’s just say $100 for shipping, if it is more I’ll cover it.