Rear Disk

I went junk yard diving last week and scored a REar disk off a EGT. I was going to use it on my ZX2 but other mods are going to be done this winter. I would not have the ability to do it the way i want.

I paid $150 so thats what im asking 150 + shipping

Crap…I wish I could afford this…

  • Darron

So, this is A disk right? Not the whole setup?

No both the knuckle/spindal/caliber for both sides all that needed is rotors and that spacer i believe it’s a 3/4" nut I have a write up thats included

Sold! I prefer buying from a board member, that way I know you’ve looked at the parts and trust their reliability. I was kinda drooling over the quad caliper system Jayco has in development, but honestly don’t think I could afford it just yet (though I’m sure its worth every penny Jay). Besides, I probably will not need all that stopping power until I have some major HP anyways. So do you have pads too? Details man!

Sold To Darth maveric. To those who have asked in PM’s I will call Tommorow at another You pull it in my area.

lucky guy…