rear disk swap with abs?

I’m thinking about buying another Z, ABS would be tight but can I do the rear disk conversion if ABS is there? Can it be done? Let me know what you guys think!

One more thing, anyone know of any major road blocks when it comes to taking two cars, one automatic one manual and completely swapping the trannys and everything else, should just bolt up right? granted it’d be time consuming?

PCMs would be different. mounting points might be different. some other electronic controls might be different. what did you have in mind?

To my knowledge (not all encompassing) there is no ABS for 4-wheel disc.

  • Darron

ABS is has its pros and cons, if you know how to break correctly and how to handle your car when your brakes do lock up I would say ditch the ABS and go with 4 wheel disks. You will be much happier with the asthetic value and the noticable difference of having disks on all corners.

ABS is used in highend cars and is definitly a performance item. Slowing down for a turn is very important especially when have a larger, heavier vehicle. But it’s not worth it on our lighter cars. Just go for the 4-disk brakes will do just fine.

wish i would have known…i just took the ABS sensor off the rear disks i have going on. there are rear disks you can get with ABS…i just destroyed one though…i had to pound the magnet to get it off, and the copper coils came shooting out.

and the copper coils came shooting out.


Here’s the thing guys. I’m going to buy a car that’s the same year, but has automatic, I want to put my manual tranny in it and the automatic in mine, I guess I’d like to have the abs with the rear disk, I’m going to put all my performance stuff on the new car and sell mine as bone stock with the automatic. Make sense?

zxtwou2 where did you get the rear disks with the abs sensor that you’re putting on your car?

got 'em from Mac 7 months ago.

yeah, there are really fine copper coils inside the ABS sensor, which looks like a capacitor with a magnet sticking out…the magnet runs by a steel gear looking thing, and that’s what tells if the brakes are locked up or not. the copper is really cool though, i wish i’d saved it and taken a picture.

The tranny swap should be pretty straight forward. ZX2Fast has a write up over on with all the info you should need for the swap.

  • Darron

Awesome thanks guys. I did a little research and it looks like the 94 escort GT came with the option for abs. I can purchase rear wheel HUBS for abs for a 94gt. So my curiosity is this. If I just swap the hubs that should be all i need to do to connect to the existing abs right?

I don’t think it’s that easy. I believe you have to replace the whole rear suspension. If you don’t all them other guys have been doing it for nothing.

Mirror, I have the rear disks installed. I just don’t have the hub with the abs

Sorry, didn’t realize you already had disks brakes. Do you have an S/R or did you do the conversion?

yeah, the hubs with ABS have a silver steel gear looking thing that sits behind the rotor. for ABS, you’ll need the spindles too. regular EGT spindles don’t have the little sensor thing on them, you’ll need that. there’s 2 wires you’ll have to splice from the spindles to where they ran on your drums, and that should be it, it should work the same.

I installed the rear disks myself from a 92 escort GT, my assumption would be that the rear hubs with abs from a 94 will bolt to the 92 rear end. That should be the only thing having to do with the abs besides the wiring which is pre-existing.

only the gear thingy is on the hub. the sensor for the ABS is on the spindle. you’d know it if you saw it…it has a wire with 2 conductors coming out of it. you’d need the ABS spindle AND hub to have ABS.

Well guys I bought the car. Pretty sweet deal if I say so myself. Got her for 2000, granted she needs a little TLC, I think i’m way ahead. Anyone have a decent automatic tranny near WI they might practically want to give away?