Rear Disc Brakes and Struts/springs question

Ok guys, just bought my rear disc brakes the other day, one question, they say to replace brake lines with stainless steel braided lines, do i get the lines for the 92 scort Gt or for the 00 Z? Also, I’m buying a set of Tokico struts and the matching Eibach Springs, thought that was my best bet for springs, says these springs were tuned with these struts, any other suggestions? I’m doing a whole revamp on my car. It all started with the clutch going bad and my front struts making a hell of a racket, so i started with the Dual Force centerforce clutch and the Tokico struts, and i figured while I’m at it I’ll get the springs. Well geez i need to take out the wheel hub and drop the tranny anyways I might as well finish it all off with a Fidanza Flywheel, and the rear disc brake swap, what do you guys think?

Here let me translate that last post for you. A 300-500 dollar project just turned into roughly a grand!

P.S. I got the motorcycle to fire on the first try friday night. It sat for 4 years, first crank, damn I’m good, now if only I had the time to get it road worthy this week, man I wish.

Sounds like quite a deal to get done. Good call on the flywheel I’ll be replacing mine with the clutch to. Spings/struts are a good combination, nice ride and look. Uhh what else oh, I used the 00 SS brake lines. I think thats everything…

I would think you’d want the GT SS lines, but I don’t know. Eibach and Tokico will not disappoint. Post pics when all done. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

yeah, I think I’d want the GT lines also, sully wrote that he used the zx2 lines, but he doesn’t have disc brakes, I think he missed the point, which is ok. If girls can have blonde moments and not even be blonde, I think guys can have blonde moments and not even be girls. In the words of late Johnny Cochran “That does not make sense!” “You must acquit”

Uhh I think I mighta been suggesting which ones instead of saying I used em, who knows depends on what time of day it was I mighta been half out of it. I used ss lines for my brakes now cuz they had to be changed anyways but as for discs on an x2 no idea. Maybe I should just stick to paint :roll: blah…

Wait a second… where did you “buy” these rear disc brakes from… I always thought the only way to get them was to jack them off an old escort GT??? I’m so confused now.

When you pull them off the junked GT, you have to pay the junkyard for them… Or you can try and get Ford to source you all new S/R parts somehow, but good luck with that and get ready for the anal penatrations…

  • Darron

You can purchase rear disc conversions for our car via an online distributor, but it’s like 600 or 700 dollars, I bought mine from a junkyard from a 92 EGT. I called around and everyone wanted 200+ dollars. I searched ebay for people parting out EGT’s and I found a guy who lived an hour away from me and he pulled one out for me for 150, still sounded a little steep, but the cheapest I could find.