Re: Service Engine light ...

So I’m a new’01 ZX2 owner, my first Ford. Anyway went down a dirt track here in St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, to a little used beach that had high grass down the middle of the track, which probably had some twigs, etc. mixed in. After driving back out, the light came on, and I haven’t noticed any obvious change in performance. what could I have rubbed up against or got grass caught in that would do it? Maybe the catalytic converter, or the tranny have sensors down low? There’s no Autozone here in the islands, so I can’t check the codes for free. I’m open to suggestions; Thanks!


I would look tword your secound O2 sensor


You could also buy yourself a code reader for like 30 or 40 dollars, I forget where they were though.

It could also just be a coincidence and have nothing to do with going through the grass, but check into the 02 sensor and let us know.

Thanks I’ll crawl under and take a look. Now I’m noticing that my fuel consumption has gone way up and the idle is a little rougher, especially if I drop down from high rpms quickly, would that be O2 sensor related?

depending on what year and ecu you have then all that can be completely related to the second O2.