Rather odd trip to work.

So I’m driving to long beach today and I’m stopped at a light about three miles or so away from the computer store that I work at. This new style beetle rolls up to me on my right and comes to a rather hard stop. Its one of those so called “turbo” models. I’m not the best at picking out VW models but I remember the 2002 model having around 180 hp, not sure if it came turbo charged (one would ASSUME). Anyway the other light isn’t even turning yellow and the guy rolls his car over the crosswalk and stops again. There isn’t any traffic which for some reason must have encouraged him to keep inching father out into the intersection. He keeps inching out until he is almost COMPLETELY OUT INTO THE INTERESECTION!

I can’t believe what I’m seeing, and thats when I notice the green left turn light for our side of traffic turn on. There were no cars turing left from the other side of the intersection so this guy had no motivation to reverse back to a safe spot. The car behind him was giving him more than enough room. Finaly the light turns green and he takes off. A second later I hear him shift completely missing the timing. I haven’t driven stick for a long time and I know I wasn’t the best at it, but its not like it takes that much effort to properly shift your car. Anyway I pass him rather effortlessly and we come to another stop light. This time he revs his engine a couple of times and smiles at me. The light is about to turn green so I figure “why not.”

I’ve learned that when driving an automatic I get the most acceleration out of it by going a bit easy on the gas for a second or two to let the engine get rolling, then jam on the pedal.

He couldn’t even keep up.

Now I haven’t done that much to Nova, I installed a MDS thruster coil (which actualy has only improved her idle if anything but whatev) , Kemanized the intake, and just changed the transmission fliter and fluid. She’s sporting a strut and sway bar but that had no real relevance to a straght run. It goes without saying that he didn’t know how to handle his car but is the desgine of a bug so bad that it still doesn’t do any good?

Anyways it was a nice morning and as I got out of my car and walked into the store I looked back at Nova and fell in love all over again.

project name or you were driving a Nova?

Heh, sorry about that. Yea, Nova is the name of my ZX2. I’ve always named my cars. The 1990 T-Bird I owned first was Tina, the 02 ZX2 I had before was Sprite, and this one is Nova.

Duh Mark, gosh! :wink: That’s absolutely hilarious! Good job. :slight_smile:

  • Darron