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Post somthing about the person above you that you know for a fact!

Chris enjoys oranges.

KoiHoshi loves to dress up in tight leather and dance infront of the camera in it.


mirrorguardian thinks his ATX will win at the end of a race.

Marco thinks that his Turbodiesel truck will smoke my turbo rotary Miata. :mrgreen:

PIPGoes to England and dopesnt bring his car to defend the American way. LOL

Roush likes to wear pink leather pants when washing his car.

i thought this was suposed to be Fact’s the pants are purple. lol

ZX2MS is going to collect 4 banger Fords all years and models.

Mike is going to own Roush’s museum one day. He is then going to stock with only zx2 parts.

Mark has done the walk of shame more than he cares to admit

roush is the worlds best wingman … taking one for the team all the time

I cannot lie… HKS is right… Roush is the best wingman… HKS was there to film it. Unfortunately the film was destroyed in a highspeed chase as it was sucked out the window of roush’s car.

… and Ironmark was the one chassing the Roush!!!
Hows my exaust look? Did you enjoy the view? LOL

come on ppl post up

I feel so left out, I don’t know that much about ppls yet.

emo emo emo

Darth watched too much Star Wars as a child. :wink:

  • Darron

luke, i would be your father … but the milkman came early that day

Damn you Darron for removing my chance to be emo!


Darth Maverick’s project NOVA suddenly burst into flame… thus completing the theme!!!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and irony to max. :smiley:

Darron just died…

I mean, got married. :stuck_out_tongue: