Radio Troubles

The other day I left my marker lights on all day while I was at work. When I came out to the car, the car was dead as a doornail. I got a jump from my father who was nice enough to come back into the city and help me out. At first I thought I had an electrical problem, but then noticed the lights and everything clicked in my mind. Man that was stupid.

I didn’t listen to the radio all the way home or out to dinner later that evening. This morning on my way to work, I noticed my radio doesn’t work. Ok…maybe a fuse, I’ll check it later today. Check all the fuses, nothing. I begin to play with the radio a little and this is what I found out.

AM/FM Radio…Doesn’t work.

CD Player works w/sound.
Tape Player works w/sound
Time is still displayed
Volume, Fade, Balance, Bass and Tremble work
All Environmental controls work
And rear defrost works

What is stoping me from hearing the radio? When I press the power, nothing. No station display, nothing. Checked all fuses, nothing blown. Radio is Stock.

Any thoughts?

All of a sudden, my radio works. Problem solved.

Thats wierd…

Yeah, really weird…If I’d seen this earlier I would have offered my stocker…I’m not gonna be using it.

  • Darron

Yeah…just one day I jumped in the car and it work! Crazy

Thanks Guys for checking out the thread.