Radiator pats help!

Greetings to all! The radiator is dying, I wanted to replace it, but I did not find it in stock and under the order, too. (I can’t order via eBay, there is no delivery to my country). Maybe someone knows from which machines the number of the analog is suitable. I have an automatic transmission, but I plan to put a separate radiator. Thank you in advance!

Have you looked in rock auto? Looks like a new radiator is $100 or so. Also what country are you in?

I’m from Russia, we don’t have such spare parts. can you tell me the article or radiator number for the order?

How did you end up with a ZX2 in Russia? Do you have pictures of it?

I bought it for myself, I repair cars myself. my hobby, I really like it

Pretty wild that the car ended up all the way over there. Do you know any history on the car?

Also this is the site in the US that is used a lot for getting parts for older cars. Maybe you can use it as a reference to find something you are able to purchase over there.

Try comparing a Ford Focus radiator from 2001-2004. I think they were sold in Russia and I think they had the same engine (2.0L Zetec) there. That is your best bet for parts.

Cool car!

I stood for a long time, about 5 years, the body is all rusty, digesting. I think they were brought to Russia when it was possible

I have already compared them, they are the same, but we have a filler neck built into the radiator. already installed from our car, the radiator remains to be changed

Make sure to keep us updated on your progress!

Also I am not sure with the current situation if its even feasible to ship parts from the US to Russia. Hopefully that changes soon and I could probably help you get ZX2 parts even though it would probably be costly.