Radiator options...?

What radiator options do we got for the zx2?

Could we use a performance radiator for a honda…since they are half size and would give A LOT more room for a turbo?

you can use whatever parts you want… just as long as you have the time and money to fabricate the mounts.

I am not sure what others have done to make room for turbos.

so your saying a honda performance radiator would work? i would just have to fab up some mounts and extend the radiator hoses so they reach??


a radiator is a radiator. you figure out the mounting system for it your golden. But it might cost you some money to engineer it.

It may be cheaper to get a more efficient fan, and early activation switch.

Also something like Water Wetter… I think Red Line Oil makes that.

Yeah im just gonna get a good fan and wire in a fan switch…after i get done with my current projects i will then probably try to come up with some other radiator set-up.

Personally I am thinking of getting one of the Flexa-lite Flexafit radiators for my setup. Those fins seem like very handy mounting points for and oil and transmission coolers. They have an acrobat file that should be very handy for sizing and placement reference.

proof that you can get anything to work.

This is my engine bay



it’s a 2 core fluidyne civic radiator

that is bad ass :smiley:

Yes it is…i can only dream for now.

I would say only use it if you need the room.

I see you have a MSD ignition timer. Can you start a new thread and explain what it is and how it works? I have been curious about these ignition timers for a while.

what kind of numbers are you putting down with your set up psi hp tq you know basics

To be fair to the thread and not thread-jack, I’ll start a post about the car and it’s parts when I re-dyno it next spring/summer. I will answer quickly for now though.

180 WHP for now. I’ve got boost leaks I have to fix and I’m rebuilding the engine this winter. I’ll post dyno and explain my setup when the engine build is done.

I’m not using it to it’s full potential now. I started off in the early days using a greddy emanage. It was a horrible setup and now I’m using SCT so IMO having the DIS2 isn’t really needed (programable boost control and launch limiter)

Anyway, if you have any specific questions pm me or wait for my engine build thread (starting it very soon with lots of pics)