is this a 4X100 bolt pattern i cant tell with all those fucking holes :wink:

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is what a 4x100 bolt pattern? You didnt post a link or a picture.

oh snap sorry dog

[url=] ... e_928.html[/url]

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It doesn’t say on the website? That Pep-Boys site is pretty creepy. No links for more details…yikes… But it would appear as though it’s got both the Focus’ 4x108 and our 4x100. Googled “ProLine 928” and saw pics of the rims on a Metro, Saturn SC2, and '95 Nissan S-14…so the Saturn kinda tells me there’s a 4x100 on there, but I could be wrong, I’m not a total expert.

  • Darron

Looking at those rims, it looks as if they are setup for 4x100 and 4x125

I don’t know how they’re gonna compare, or if it’ll help…but that’s the rim you posted on top…and the bottom is mine. Mine has the 4x100 and 4x108.

  • Darron

man…i could not find any info on this shit do you think they can fit a 195 60 15 tire size or is it more of a low profile.

Tirerack has a recommended 195/55-15 tire for rims of that size. 195/60 would likely make you’re speedometer read low (i.e. going 55, but it says 50) Did you already buy the tires?

  • Darron

Sorry…108, now I feel stupid.

When I said 125, that was wrong. When I read Foos Fight post I instantly knew I was wrong and he was right. But I’m sure you guys knew what I was trying to say: “those rims are setup for both bolt patterns.”