Question on fuel additives..

Not sure if this should be in the fuel control/delivery or not, so im gonig to post it here.

Lately I have been noticing a decrease in low end performance with my car. Oils changes, checked spark plugs, used a filter recharge kit on my k&n… nothing has seemed to help this ‘sluggishness’ that I have been having.

however, I think it maybe the fuel around here. I first had problems with this sluggishness when I went to Buffalo to pick my sister up for the summer for college. After speaking to her b/f about it, he mentioned that they use a Fuel/Ethanol mix in that area for the winter months.

However after returning, my car has slowly continued to get this ‘loss’ of power. using the fuels around here, I usually put 91 or 93 in… dont know why I do that considering its so damn expensive anymore. Last night however, I stopped a gas station that uses 10% Ehtanol mixture.

Car started running really really well. Im wondering why all of sudden its running so good. I used 93 at a Pilot station. rest of the time I have been filling up at Exxon/Ultra Power(local) and thats usually it.

If anyones got any ideas why this difference, throw em down!


I think gas could be one of the most important facts to make your can works well, we have here a regular problem with two kinds of different gasolines sub brands one of them are better than the other…in some places of the country the gasoline is not to good, example my brother was visiting Ixtapa beach last year when he goes there was no problem but when he comes back his car was turnig off several times, when he clean up the gas tank every thing becomes to normal way…

STOP W/ 93. I have been running my S/R on 87 since I got it. I tried 93 the other day and my car was performing really good. Then a few days later I noticed that I wasnt getting the milage that I usually do w/ 87. I was like WTF, I just payed $2.659 for great gas and Im getting sh!t milage. The gas is just to expensive to run 93oct. It is now $2.759 here. For 87oct. it is up to $2.559

Have you tried changing your fuel filter?

I believe that a 10% Ethanol mixture is mandatory countrywide. This mixture is for cleaner air and I guess the additive is some sort of corn starch/oil additive. I bet there is some sort of lobbying that went on to get this additive into the mix, because it is a cost to the consumer.

havent tried changing the fuel filter yet…

I think im going to strt using the 89 and see how that works on my car. if its better then ill continue to use that.


If you don’t have an S/R you should not be running 93 octane, the car was tuned for regular gas, all you’re doing is throwing out $, your mileage won’t be better at all. If you run 87 or 89 your car will have better mileage and run smoother.

Yellow 2000 S/R, Your computer was tuned for premium fuel, if you run regular fuel there’s a section on the power band that gets “starved” so to speak. If you ever, ever, ever hear any sort of pinging when full throttle you’re harming your engine. I have the CWQ3 S/R computer and I run premium, rarely will it get regular gas (if someone borrows the car they fill it up with regular). This whole problem is with the brands of gas, here are some things to look at.

1.) Always, ALWAYS fill up at a newer station, that was you’re more certain there is no settlement in the stations tanks that can cause your fuel system to slow down

2.) use fuel injector cleaner once every 3 tanks, it’s a good habit to get into.

3.) Don’t change grades of fuel all the time, I believe the computer readjusts itself for these things causing irregularities in the powerband.

4.) Replace that damn fuel filter. it’s cheap and it’s really not too bad. (it looks worse than it is)

5.) Buy good gas, US oil Co. gas is good gas. I highly recommend BP gas and if you have an S/R you can try Shell V-Power.

6.) 10% ethenol is not standard but has been done voluntarily by some companies, i.e. Amoco/BP. Adding the ethenol is better for the environment and has no negative effects on the vehicle. Some new vehicles like the taurus with the FFV symbol on them are designed to also be run with 85% ethenol fuel, if you hear the term E85, that’s what they mean. it’s more than a dollar cheaper for E85 fuel per gallon. DO NOT put E85 in your car if it’s not equipped for it. visit and read all about Renew E85 gasoline. keep in mind stations with E85 are still hard to come by.

My book for my S/R says 89 octane. IDK, tried 93 and my car was bogging down. Now i switched back to 87. Im not getting good gas milage now so Im gonna reset my computer tomorrow. Cars sitting in driveway, been working on interior.

What if you’re using a superchip? I noticed a decrease in low end performance from time to time and I run 91-93 octane all of the time. Some people say that high octane gas sits longer in the tanks because less people buy it which causes inconsistancies. I’m going to use lower octane fuel and add octane booster for my next tank.

Let us know how that works out. I would be interested in seeing the results. As far as the Superchip, i believe they tell you to use the higher octane 91+ as the chip changes the fuel maps, and you need the higher octane to prevent pinging/detonation…

I put 89 in my car the last time I filled up. Next time I fill it, I need to run a mileage test and see what im getting for gas mileage… If I can remember to write down my gas mileage and track it. im very forgetful when it comes to small things.