Quaife Torsen LSD and Gear Kit Interest?

Just for everyones info. What is definate is that I have resumed talks with Quaife America with hopes of a syncromesh kit and a gear kit for the ZX2. Now a syncromesh kit is a Torsen LSD or a LSD. The gear kit is a set of all new gears for the car to change the ratios for better acceleration and such. If you want to know more about the LSD read here: http://www.quaifeamerica.com/differentials/diffs.htm. For Gear Kit info: http://www.quaifeamerica.com/gears/gears.htm.

For everyones information both units are going to be syncromesh kits, no dog engagements.

What I do know is the LSD is a minimum order of 30. Pricing is only an estimate until Quaife gets a design and their figures complete. I can only give an estimate of $1100 right now. With the gear kit I’m not positive on numbers but I do know it will be less than the LSD. Also I have to talk to them about ratios and #s for it. If anyone has any suggestions on the Gear kit let me know.

When I know more I’ll let you guys know.

LSD Interest List:

  2. zx2ms (ZX2MS)
  3. Weber (teamzx2)
  4. Ablexus (teamzx2)
  5. BernardZX2 (teamzx2)
  6. JAXX (teamzx2)
  7. kinitex (teamzx2)
  8. VitViper (teamzx2)
  9. sd8td (teamzx2)
  10. zurno (teamzx2)
  11. peanutsparts (teamzx2)
  12. 2001zincsr (teamzx2)
  13. Toxsick (teamzx2)
  14. HondaStomper (teamzx2)
  15. Myles (teamzx2)
  16. Thnikkaman (teamzx2)
  17. Calrod (teamzx2)
  18. schwnnboy (teamzx2)
  19. turbochargedzx2 (teamzx2)
  20. PepeZX2 (teamzx2)
  21. Georonimo (teamzx2)
  22. Georonimo (teamzx2)
  23. zxtwou2 (zx2Riders)
  24. Ironmark (ZX2MS)
  25. Foos Fight (ZX2MS)
  26. dropdatscort (teamzx2)
  27. 4U2QUIK (teamzx2)
  28. CJW (teamzx2)
  29. silverzx2ner (teamzx2)
  30. zx2reme2 (teamzx2)
  31. LeeBkr311 (teamzx2)

may not have the money, but I definately have the interest.

lets us know bro!

Does it matter what type of transmission you have?

This will only work on a standard MTX ZX2. LSDs are only truely for MTXs.

Also to inform people more about it check out this forum and judge it yourself. Someone is trying to get one from Kaaz made but there’s are clutch type and Quaife are Torsen LSDs. http://g2ic.com/forums/printthread.php?t=9769

I have the interest, but no way I’ll have the funds.

  • Darron

Just so you guys know if anyone out there isn’t even going to bother posting because 30 peeps is not possible, I already have 16 people interested from other sites so this can definatly happen.

Just in, Jason is gone I guess and I have a new rep. First of all Quaife cannot begin any work till after Nov 7th due to SEMA Show in Las Vegas. They will have their hands full just like any other big aftermarket company is or any for that matter. Once after the 7th they will begin and continue design and then give me a price as soon as they receive my test transaxle. Now all their work will take 30-60 days. Which is allot better than I thought. Once they are done with that, they will be ready for deposits for the first run.

The LSD is the main focus here. I have just some questions I am waiting to be answered for curiosity sake about the gear set. Such as what would be a rough estimate, how many can be run at a time, and are their any possible ways to change the gears from 5-6 as in some of there other applications have.

for the the ‘6th’ gear, wouldnt they have to tear open a transmission and see how much room is in there?

They’ll have a tranny, and they’ll be ripping it apart already for the LSD, so I don’t see a problem with them finding out if there’s room for a 6th gear. I’d like that, but as I said before…no money.

  • Darron

P.S. Do I get a cookie for reading the entire post? :wink: Just playin’ Mark.

Like Darron said, they will have a tranny already, they are getting one of my spares. And the LSD is a definate thing, the Gear kit is just an idea/possiblity down the road. To do it, if it doesn’t fit inside the casing, it would stick out side of it and be covered by another casing and be sealed. Nothing big, just a zx2 tranny with a big zit, lol.

lol!! i would hate to see that zit popped!!

SIGN ME UP! I need this… spending money each year on trannys is exspensive :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested in a new gearbox. I should be able to fork over the the money after my tax refund plus whatever I can save up. sign me up as well.

Hey everyone, if you’re following the other thread on teamzx2 then discard this post. I will be announcing the payment system, price, deadline, and all other details about the LSD’s toward the end of this week. The information will be posted on here and an email will also be sent to everyone on the group buy. Sorry for the delay but I want to avoid any confusion so I will just need some short time to get everything ready and all set so everyone is on the same page.

Official group buy for the Quaife Limited-Slip Differential for the 1998-2003 Ford ZX2 (2.0L MTX) at $1,200. The price is much lower than the previous estimates of $1,300-1,400 posted in late November (partly due to the fact Quaife is working on 6 other LSD’s that are in full production already). The price of $1,200 does not include shipping.

In total there will be 3 payments (2 if you pay in full the first time). First is a 50% deposit ($600) is needed by Friday Feb. 27, 2006. Once the LSD’s are complete and ready for shipping, the other half of the total ($600) will be required along with a payment for shipping. A shipping quote will be sent to everyone. Time from when all the 50% deposits are in to when the units are finished and ready for shipping is still being figured out. I will know within a few days of an estimate and by the time deposits are in, will know of a sure ready-to-ship date.

Now the payments cannot be sent individually to Quaife. Quaife will receive the deposits in one payment form. The form of payment will be a Postal Money Order (PMO) which you can obtain at any U.S. Post Office. They aren’t free but if you can’t afford the $1.25 fee then you shouldn’t be buying a LSD, lol. The reason for the PMO is that it is the most secure form of payment around. Main features about it are that the PMO’s are:
-Just like U.S. currency in that, they are specially designed with different colored inks, watermarks, and security thread in the paper.
-They are all traced.
-If they are lost, stolen or damaged, USPS replaces them or can cancel the PMO.

If you want to read more about Postal Money Orders go to: http://www.usps.com/money/sendingmoney/ … elcome.htm. If you wish to send another form of payment, check, money order, or paypal those are accepted. Note Paypal may charge fees to you depending on the type of account you have. Check with them about your account and how much you would have to send to cover the fees. I think if you send less than $500 at a time they charge nothing, but check to make sure. (Example: Send two payments of $300 for both 50% deposits)

There will be a special payment plan I will do for the first 5 people that request it. Note this is for only the people that need to pay in segments, so if you can pay for your unit without any financial compromising I suggest you allow others who need it. Your payments will be split into four $300 payments monthly. Beginning in February and ending in May with it being the final payment month. This does not include the shipping quote. After the final payment is received, your LSD will be shipped to you. More information will be available to those people.

[b]In simple terms:
-Price $1,200 (shipping not included)
-First deposit of $600 due by Friday February 27, 2006
-Final deposit of $600+Shipping Quote due by TBA

CHECK THE LIST BELOW FOR YOUR NAME. If you are on the list you were sent an email with payment instructions. If you are not on the list and are interested in the group buy, please send me an email to halo_game@hotmail.com If you have information on other vehicles that have 26 spline axles and a G-series transmission pm or email me and I will adjust the list.

Just received final information. Manufacturing time is estimated at 120 days. It will be known the exact time once the deposits are all in. I was assured the actual time will be less than the estimate. Also considering the price was less than there estimate the time is less than 120 days. Figure by the deadline of Feb. 27th your looking at finish time in early June by estimates, actual maybe early May. Just in time right before summer. The Unit will come with a warranty card that you fill out and send in to activated and register the LSD warranted.

Hey guys im new to this site , but not new to the ZX2 . I just called quaife on a diff for my car , but all the guys are at SEMA (of course you know that). There going to let me know on the info on a diff.

This was supposed to be a one shot deal back in February. I have not spoken to Marco in a while, but I believe this is still happening. (?).

Well quaife called me back today and they said that at this moment theres nothing in the works ,but they said if there enough interest they might. This makes me sick any new pos import comes out , the aftermarket companies are making every performance part under the sun for the imports but nothing for the domestics !!!

Check TeamZX2. There is a quaife LSD in the works… however, like I said I am not sure where this stands as I have not talked to Marco (Pololous) in a while. He is the one that has been the front man for this.


Yo Ironmark ive tring to register on team zx2.and no go. im not getting the conformation email . do you know anybody from that site that help me with this.