Pulsating noise in the exhaust

I have a 2000 Ford ZX2 with a K&M cold air intake and also a full 2 1/4 topspeed exhaust with an eibach pro sport spring kit and a B&M short shifter and other mods. When im driving in 5th gear and im turning 2500 rpms there is a weird noise in the sound of the exhaust like a pulsating noise. is anybody familiar with this?..

Does it go away after you start turning it over higher?

well it pulses around 2500 rpms and yeah it does go away around 2700 and higher…

How is your exhaust mounted? Is it centered on the mountings properly? Are the mounts old and hard? This definitely sounds like a harmonic vibration issue. You are using a fresh flex section aren’t you?

im gonna guess a resonator might need to be added to your exhaust in order to tune that resonance away.

i had the exhaust done maybe a year and a half ago and the rubber mountings are old and rotted up and maybe they need to be replaced… i will replace them and tell yall wat happens…