Pulsating Brakes

When I press on the brake pedal there is a pulsating feeling on the pedal. Then when I come to a complete stop, there is a slight grinding sound. I think that the rotor maybe warped on the front left wheel. Would anything else cause this behavior? I’m going to swap the left rotor with the right one to see if the problem is still there.

I would recommend just getting some new rotors and pads ASAP. I am 100% sure your rotors are warped and you need new pads. :wink:

ok thanks…

Ditto, had the same issue. New rotors cleaned it right up. Might I recomend the slotted ones at zxtuner.com?

i can get slotted and cross drilled or just slooted or cross drilled…

Slooted rotors are my favorite. :smiley: