PS3 On Large Plasma=Glorious!

Well, I had to come in for weekend duty, so I brought my PS3 in with me. Playing on the 42" or so plasma screen we have in the office is pretty nice! It only goes up to 720p, but it still looks 100x better than my CRT at home. I just want a new TV!

Because you are going to be playing games on that TV, I would recommend an LCD. If an image sits on the screen for too long in the same spot, it could burn it into the screen. LCDs are also have a long life than a Plasma.

…but Plasmas are very beautiful pictures. Slightly better than LCDs.

This is just at work. This was the first time I had a chance to bring it in.

When I do get a TV though, it will be an LCD, 1080p native. Mmmm.

According to my father, (and he would know, he’s been working on devolping the flat panel plasma since I was knee high) a plasma screen has about a 7yr HALF life…so at 7yrs old it will be half as bright, at 14 it will be half as bright as half (1/4 the original brightness) but how likely are you to keep your plasma screen for 14 yrs? How likely are you to keep ANY tv that long?

Okay, so maybe I have a bias towards plasmas 'cause that’s how my dad’s made his living for as long as I can remember, but who cares. :wink: Hopefully we’ll be in good enough shape come next tax season to get ourselves a 50" LG Plasma screen. :smiley: :smiley:

  • Darron

EditI’ll have to remember to ask my dad about the burn in. I don’t think it’s an issue, but I’ll ask him what he says.

I was reading the manual for the TV we have here, and it warns of burn in, and the fact that the manufacturers warranty won’t cover burn in or any of the other plasma TV ‘oddities’.

LCDs might not be as bright, but they don’t have many quirks.

If I pay $2,500 for a TV, it’s going to be in my house for a long time…

Good point. :smiley:

  • Darron

Man, the TV is already burned in a little bit. This is exactly why I wouldn’t get a plasma. Honestly, it wouldn’t be hard to adjust what you do to suit the TV, but I really don’t want to have to worry about stuff like that all the time.