Proposed to my girlfriend, we're engaged!


By the way, the ZX2 did well offroading lightly… LOL

Word of advice, never take a lowered car with GR2 struts into the woods, doesn’t work well.

There go your tuning days. As long as you are happy.

You kidding, we’re already saving for an FD :wink: LOL She is HOOKED on cars, she loves them almost as much as I do!



does she have a sister??

CONGRATS!!! When’s the big day!?


She has a sister but she’s way too young for you, sorry Mark. Give it another 8 years.

Thanks to all for the Congrats! We couldn’t be happier!

Tigress, we’re hoping for next spring so we have about a year to make sure we’re all prepared. We want to have money to either get into a house (IF the freaking market for real estate drops) OR to save up for our first car together, 3rd gen RX7.

How olds her sister? im only 17 LOL.

I think 13? 14? lol! still too young for ya.

Who says I dont like 13/14 year olds. LMAO Thats like nothing. Whats 3-4 years difference. When my dad was 20, my mom was 15. Yea what now. But they didnt meet till mid to upper 20s so its different! LOL

Well, let me be the first to say congratulations to you then; you have one vagina for the rest of your life. Real smart man. Way to work it through :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA love that movie

Im just bustin though, congratulations man, and best of luck!

OMG WHAT IS THAT FROM, ive seen it, cant think of it. NOW im gonna get mad.

Old School :lol:

Congrats dude!

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