Project Mutt

 For a little while nowI have been debaiting the altamite question, "To boost or not to boost?" After the Mutt desided to go on strike, I desided that it was time to make my desision. That being said, I am currently building a complete turbo kit to go along with my new 9:1 compression engine that I'm building from the ground up.

Currently I have the fallowing mods:
Pioneer DEH-P560 Head w/ GEX-P910XM XM System, 8" Bazooka tube w/ a Rockford Forgave sub, Alpha sonic tweeters, Alpine V-Power (MRP T-220) amp, Scotch remote start and keyless entery, leather shift boot & knob, anodized red gage bezel, custom trunk work, VIS Racing carbon fiber “Invader” hood, painted calipers (red), 20% tint, and a WW kit.
Energy Suspension “Hyper Flex Kit”, Progress springs, Intrax camber correction kit, Tokico race struts, 19mm sway bar upgrade w/ Energy Suspension bushings, rear disc break conversion, Ractive front strut tower bar& custom rear strut tower bar, Konig 16 inch “Trouble” rims w/ Toyo 205/45/16 Proxie 4’s (set of 5, Always role rite even after a flat), Cross drilled and slotted rotors (front).
The engine I am building will be running JE Pistons, eagle rods, Cryo’ed crank, one over ported head, Ported intake mani, 65mm focus central throtle body, ZXtuner UDP, AEM Alternator UDP, Ford racing red timing gears, Mega Squirt tuning, Volvo 15g turbo ( with internal waiste gate and BOV), Summit 14" slim fan, big ass FMIC from Sparco, MSD coil pack, Ford Racing Oil pump, VCT delete, APR head and main studs, stage 2 valve springs and titanium retainers, 2.5 Custom Exhaust from the Manifold to the muffler, And the Jury is still out on the boost controller. I think that covers it.
Other items to aquire while I am at this are a JayCo manual rack with a 10:1 ratio, a possable break upgrade ( front and rear), and a LSD wath a ACT clutch.

More to come,
John A Wooten

Thats a nice list of parts.

whats MUTT and why are threy on strike

My bad, Mutt is the nameof my ZX2. He was dubbed Mutt because damb near every part on this car has started it’s life for another. Everything from the Chassy, to the rear disc swap. Evan the turbo are all from other cars. Wich is what I love about them by the way. As for the car going on strike… well we took a trip down to Arkansas this past summer my belovid Mutt desided to learn a new trick. The F@CKER learned how to throw… a rod that is. Yah a hole state away from home andmy car wants to learn new tricks… Now if I could just teach the damb thing to fetch I would be OK.

Mutt sounds like he’s a bit feisty. Still though, you might make him happy with a nicely built turbo.

That bites… What car did you take the rear brakes from?

  • Darron

Hey Mister Hondastomper, that sounds like a lot of stuff done to your car before it died…

Do you have any suggestions for a newbie(my new title,it says so under my name)to do do my car…I have 2 Zx2’s and would like them to be really nice cars…

One is Orange(99) and the other is Red(00)…

Newbie :-o

I know you didn’t ask me, but I’m gonna chime in anyway…

I would first ask what you want? Drag king or Lot queen? (go or show)

For go start with the standard bolt-ons: Intake, Header, Exhaust, then I would recommend the S/R drop (Eibach/Tokico). Diablo Chip/Superchip, rims/tires, then maybe an MSD coil pack and 9mm plug wires.

For show, start with some tint, the S/R drop, rims/tires, body kit of your choice, C/F or Fiberglass hood, Celica GT spoiler

Noob away you noobing noob. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Darren your the man and your advice is apriciated. Unfortunatly I think Macs post has left you in the dark. Mac already has 1 bad ass Z. aspecialy seance he has a bad ass engine ready to go in the car… he is just being lazy. As for me… well just ask Mac about his all night suspension job.

As for the rear disc of a 91EGT with the 1.8 Mazda.

sorry honda stomper unless you are going with a different coil and cust wiring according to megasquirt guys zetecs arint good with megasqurt (i looked into it :frowning: ) but sct does seem to be the tuner of chois around here. diablo can also tune but no vct delete to it.

HMMM, that’s funny because the guys in Europe would tend to argue with you. they love Mega Squirted Zetecs thrown into fiesta’s. I will have to do some more research on this. As for wiring the ( be sided tapping into the existing harness for engine controls) the air temp, water temp are the only thing that should be needed to swap out.

Update: I have just worked a deal for my engine build. I am dragging my engine over to a shop in the next few days, along with all my parts. The shop is going to perform all of my machine work, in exchange I am going to rewire the lights and power in there build room. He also said when I am ready I can use there paint booth. Things are looking up.

Cool! Congrats!

  • Darron



Always love it when an exchange of services pays for things. Its why I’m in the computer freelance biz as well.

It’s been a long time seance I posted about my project… Hell i dont evan know were to start.

Hmmm, I guess I can start here:
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Piss on that, I refuse to start a new topic…

The project has been in a rest patter do to the fact that I have been out of money. With any luck I can finish it this next tax season.

But, that did not happen untill I got some stuff done. I have a fully build block sitting in my garrage. By this I mean:
High Compression J.E. pistons (Cryo’d)
Eagle Rods (Cryo’d)
ARP head and main studs
Completely ballanced rotational assembly, to include: Findanza Flywheel, Centerforce dual friction clutch,
Powder unde drive pully, and a cryo’d crank.
Performance bearings

I have also picked up a 98 zx2 trani for the fisrt gear.

There is more but I have not got all my information on me at the moment.

sounds like a great start!

I see you got some parts cryo’d! nice touch!

So here we go… 4 years later… Do to this funny thing called life I have put myself in a hold pattern… A lot of things in my life went to hell in a hand basket, and I just stopped caring about a lot in my life… It is rather sad really… But that was then and this is now… So the block is done, and so is the head…
-1mm over sized valves

  • full port and polish with a 7 angle valve job
  • COP’s
  • SVTF intake manifold
  • Rewired engine bay
  • manual steering conversion
  • AC removal
  • New stereo system design and lay out
  • Mfactory LSD
  • Escort lx 5th gear
  • miata rear calipers
  • slotted rotors
  • 21mm swaybar
  • front and rear Tie bars

So I guess what I’m saying is… to whoever gives a rats ass… I’m back…

welcome back to the fray - time to dust off the cobwebs and jump back on the horse, eh?


Nice sounds like a impressive build. Full N/A build correct?

Yeah Rob… It is time… and yeah, I loved driving my Z before, So I figured I would stick to what i love… :slight_smile: