Is there a way that you can add a text box to our profiles so that we can put in our mods?

Also, can you make it so that when I click on the name of the person who has replied, it pulls up their profile?

In responce to the profile thing, why don’t you just click on the “profile” button down by their signiture? :wink:

And this will help Chris when he comes to see the post ‘n’ such, where were you thinking about having that list displayed? Just on the profile page, or in the signiture box, or somehere else?

  • Darron

Ok…now I feel retarded…lol. I’m going to plead temporarily insane.

I would say within the profile page. Perhaps move the “Contact ‘X’” over to the right side. Then a title under the picture called “Mods” or spell it out. Then just a simple text filed which would be enabled for the user, disabled for all others…Ok…probably a given and didn’t have to say that.

This way I could see a mod that someone else has done and then talk to them about how they did it, tools, how long it takes, the cost or other parts needed.

Sounds like a good idea, bud. Chris…?

  • Darron