Products and their uses

Some of you may and may not know I am a clean freak to the point were even my cars/bikes have to be up to a certain standard by me. As I was sitting the garage cleaning up some plastic parts I figure I would tell you what I use on my stuff. On one of my cars I use about 12 products so I am pretty serious about it.

  1. Washing the car is the most important part. Some company’s make a soap that wont sud up compare to others(example Turtle wax). For the most part meguires and mother’s make great products that suds up great and has deep cleaning ability’s which also make your car smell good in the inside.

2.Wax: Waxing the car is important and helps fight off anything that might land on the car in the mean time of your wash. Bird poop is a big one since it has a high ph level which actually will wreck the finish of your car quickly. Avoid brands such as turtle wax and cheap brands since they don’t have strong bonders inside to make it last. If you want a great finish that looks good up to a month or so mothers and meguires are great and will be a “show finish quality”. If you have a car you want to wax once a year and want the longest lasting finish I would recommend a product like “wax once a year” I believe it’s called. It won’t look as great as a meguires yet it will last the longest based on the bonders.

3.Interior: Really I avoid everything if possible. Use a damp rag with water and just wipe it down with a dry towel after wards. Most of the other brands will throw a liquid substitute on it and will eventually dry out the dash and crack it. If your car is inside the garage were no sun hits it use a interior spray like meguires interior spray. It will make the dash have a “wet look”. Based on sun isn’t hitting it 24/7 it will not affect anything.

4.Wheels: Any of them will work yet make sure its a PH neutral based product. Otherwise aluminum can actually have a electrolysis effect and will make it pit looking after awhile. Eagle one make’s a great product for this and I have had great luck with it.

5.Motor: This is up in the air. People will use engine brite and other items. I am not found of this based on it can get in area’s that will affect the car. Seen it a million times so I stay away from this. I get a spray bottle of soap and water and spray the area you want to clean and scrub it down and wipe it off.

6.Plastics(Interior clusters,lights,etc). Plasticx by no doubt is the best stuff ever invented by meguires. It will help polish and take out minimal scratches away from your plastic. I do not recommend doing this on painted surfaces.

7.Trim: Back to Black is a great product as well by meguires . Yet depending on the condition of the rubber it can make it look funny after awhile. Ive seen it after a couple of weeks the rubber starts getting like a water spot look on it from it. Not sure if its from previous sun damage or not. Up to you to use this.

I can get into more depth about different wax’s and polishes and such. If you have any questions let me know. I put this together really quick. Just for one car this is what I use.

By no means am I liable for your mis-use on products. Take this how ever you like

I think this deserves to go into the detail section and get stickied, what do you think? :slight_smile:

haha we could that. I will be getting into more details later this year. I just did a quick run through for some people.

So tell me Dr. Shine. How do I bring back a faded out red '94 Blazer? When I first got it, I did a liquid compound with ICE wax to finish and got a fair shine. Not what I really wanted and it has since dulled out again. I’m not holding out for any miracles but when it is wet it just looks like it could be brought back again for a few more years without forcing a repaint. I know it will take a lot of elbow grease so don’t pull any punches.

Try looking into clay baring it. Go to meguries website and read about it. It should help unless your finish is that bad.