probs w/ head

Things that may be of interest to anyone doing a head swap.

#1 the year of the head (a build date is located on the exhaust side by the 3rd outlet)

#2 if you are buying the head used, make sure you have it checked for cracks, the easiest thing to do here is take it to a machine shop and have them pressure test it and look for cracks.

#3 be prepared for the extra cost or labour (Canadian spelling) of getting the clearances set for your cams.

#4 depending on the year of the head and the engine you’re attaching it to, you may have to drill and tap for the idler pulley.

This is all for now. I’ll answer any questions if you have any and if I think of any other quirks that I ran into I’ll add them to this post.

Thanks to all who aided me in this project. I’ll be sure to post some numbers once the dyno is done