Probably Getting a Bike

Well, I decided I’m probably gonna get a bike…2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 4k miles. $4500 not a bad deal…tomorrow I’m going to get my permit and I’ll go from there…what do you think?

Pretty cool. I dont have the balls to ride one on the street, seen tooooooooo many drivers who arent aware of there surroundings and arent aware the risks riders take just sitting at a light. But yeah nice bike.


nice bike! My next one is probably going to be a cruiser!

I gotta pay off my yamie 1st!

She sure is a beauty:)


Thats called paranoia.

Remember that there are old bikers and stupid bikers, but there are no old stupid bikers.

I think you assume that if you bike you die, thats a stupid assumption but the risk is there. You can still be careful and watch out but there are stupid people but if you follow some simple rules and ride careful its not unheard of to hear of old bikers (how else do you explain 80 year old harley riders). I can’t stand the assumption of “People shouldn’t ride because it’s dangerous.” in that case i should stop driving the zx2, because i got rearended by some dipshit who had his truck jacked up who wouldn’t see me. So i guess i can assume that every zx2 driver in the world is at risk at a light too because you never know when a truck that is too high that can’t see you may rear-end you. I don’t think zx2 drivers realize the risk of ford f-150’s jacked up to the sky can give you while driving, but there’s always gonna be one out there, so i should stop driving my zx2.

If you enjoy it, then don’t let the fear keep you from it. No one gets out of life alive so why the hell would you let fear keep you from enjoying it? Live it, enjoy it, be aware that there is stupid crap that goes on every day in daily driving or RIDING. Your best defense in riding is your own attentive riding and being aware of those inattentive idiots. But don’t let that keep you from riding (or living for that matter).

Anyway, I’ll stop there, I have ridden motorcycles for a while now (in the dirt since a kid and now on the street) and love it so my opinion is different from yours.

Power to you Nodnarb for starting up biking! I’m loving it so far, but I’m not much for cruisers but everyone has their thing, otherwise there wouldn’t be different flavors of bikes all over the place :slight_smile:

The shadow is a good bike, they are great motorcycles, I have about 4 different buddies who have shadows and LOVE them. Lots of aftermarket support for them too so you can customize the crap out of those bikes. They are reliable, not too bad to work on and you’ll get a lot of happy miles out of that bike.

I’m looking at a Ducati 749 or a 999 for my next bike. I’d like to find a 749s.