Primax 772 fits our cars!

I never got to post this on here but end of last season got a set of Primax 772 wheels. They’re lighter than OEM, 5 spoke, look good and aren’t chrome so they seem to do just great. Using 195/55/R15 tires on them on lowering springs and gr2 strugs with an es kit and love it.

15" wheels in the exact same dimensions as the OEM swirlies! Great way to spice up the look and feel without any serious compromise or stress on the suspension setup from a huge space or anything.

The thing I like the most is that it doesn’t make our rotors look tiny. You put 16 or 17" wheels on these and it tends to make our rotors look just tiny… this seems to look pretty proportionate. The total was about $400 for them mounted and balanced with the tires I already had for them. Not too expensive, nice quality, I like them a lot.

Any idea how much they weigh?


Had the specs i’ll see if i can dig them up.

I love those rims. I was dead set getting them in 17’s. Maybe when im ready for a new wheel package i’ll go with them. They look nice as hell. Its not screaming “look I got rims”

I like screamming…it goes with the rest of my package. Besides…they’re shinny!! [d00d]

I’m still interested in weights FYI. :wink: So if you happen to stumble across it don’t forget. lol