Price Matching

I found the Eibach Pro Kit for the ZX2 for $217.05 with free shipping for all orders over $50: … rokit.html

It says on your site that you can do price matching. I also wanted to purchase the Tokico struts. Can you match the price of the Eibach Pro Kit and the shipping rates they give? If so, I’d prefer to shop at the approved vendors of this site.

You may want to use the website’s “search” function.

Take a look in the suspension area, you might find something interesting there.

$217 with free shipping is a very good price, you should jump on it.

Mirror, I did see that. Some links are dead (John Bleakly), and the stuff I want that doesn’t have a dead link and has a good price doesn’t come with free shipping.

myFordPerformance, does your post mean that you don’t do price matching as stated on your website?

I’m not a seller, vendor or distributer.

I just collect all the information out there and post it for everyone. It’s a collection of prices, parts and locations to help out everyone on this site.

I will try to fix that link.

Link Fixed

No, just means I cannot on this particular case.

dj12inches from teamzx2 got me some shipped to my door for 197.16