[b]How about my name is Jaime and I am from Mexico I have a model 99 escort zx2

Well this is the project of my z

With these pictures I get on I just finished a third of my Z project, something interior, exterior and engine.

When he had acquired only 40,000 km 3 years ago, now has 100,000 km.

So buy it austere and plugs

Then I decided to buy some wheels 17 with Hankook tires, I decided to make a small rear lip, and I put a few lines in oxford gray similar to that of Mustag,

And today these are the alteration that has:

-Intake Hot Shot & Airfilter Bomze
Exhaust-Line 2.5
-Short Shifter

Porteriormente alteration (turbo, forged pistons, hot camshafts, some Carbon fiber accessories, roll bar, gel battery, msd wires, msd coil and pulleys Lijera.)

-Gauges electroluminisenses
-Carbon fiber bezel
-Top of carbon fiber wheel
Color-silver interior trim
-Bucket seats (original bases with foam seats recaro a Caribbean gt)
-Hand brake lever momo
-Stereo adapter (made by me)

Amendments: (carpet in black, leather-wrapped dash, leather wrapped steering wheel, putting lids lined with black, sky black, ZX3 Coder, pedals in aluminum, aluminum knob and brake handle covers in skin)

JSR-Body & FC craft kit (made by me) kind zx2 2003
-Candy burgundy paint dupont
Rines sportiva-17 with Hankook Tire
Security-Movie 5%
-Xenon headlights alojeno 10,000 k
Dual-lens headlamps and eye angel (modified by me)

Amendments: TRASNPARENTE with Metaflex bath, body kit lips in carbon fiber, carbon fiber hood, chrome wheels pinochle or 18 r-1, Wilwood brake kit 4 piston each, electric sunroof, altezza.

I hope to put together a wool meterle and this year some of the subsequent amendments which I am mentioning.

These are pictures of the process of changing. the exteriormustag,

So stay after painting

And so this now because your spoiler installed, which is the original but also modify it, got up a little and placed almost flush with the trunk.

Whenever I get more pictures of future modifcaciones upload photos.
and a big apology because my English is not very good.

Welcome to the forum!

I LOVE the front bumper on that zx2, that looks great! Sharp looking car! Very cool!

I agree. The “Mustang” front accent definitely sets it off. I also like your re-angle on the rear wing.

10/10! Love what you did with the front bumper… hell I like what you did to the whole car, possibly the nicest modification I’ve seen… very mean yet tasteful!


Could this be a rare ZX2 Cobra?!? :mrgreen:

Very sharp. Looks great I love it

Looks damn good I have to say deff. unique! I like it it kinda look like a newer version of a zx2 if ford was still making them.

Thank you all for your comments, if anyone is interested in the front or rear bumper or the stirrups the sale I make I devote myself to car parts in fiberglass. thanks again :mrgreen:

Where in Mexico are you located?

I am in the D.F. why you are interested for a bumper? :?: :mrgreen:

bummer - i need my whole car repainted incl body work. if you were up in a border town i’d consider driving the car to you for a makeover.


Great Work. I would kill to have that front bumper. Who am I kidding, I would love the whole body kit. lol