Power Steering Leak? Nope, ATX leak.......

Figures that after all the work I did that something like this would pop up. Ok, so I’m driving around today and I hear a noise like a wood door opening for a few seconds. A bit later I heard it again. Heard it a third time. For the rest of the day I heard nothing, so it isn’t a constant issue. This morning I washed the car, so when I spotted this on the rim later I knew it had to be a leak somewheres.


Now my brake fluid is clear, so I don’t think its the new SS lines, plus the sound happened when I was driving, not braking.

This I’m assuming is the condensation from the A/C, right?


So I look in the wheel well, and because of the failing light I see the circled portion wet.


Any ideas?

That is either oil or steering fluid. Check your oil level.
I’m thinking oil because you recently got that new oil filter. Don’t know if you put it on yet…but if you did, check it out.

Red is trany
Green is Coolant
Blue is squirts

Brown is dirty oil or steering fluid.

If it is steering fluid, you would normally only hear it when turning.

I didn’t put it on, I sent it to ultramac who is trying a new idea. The car had an oil change at the start of this month, and we actually took a trip since and no issues, so I don’t think its oil. It could be the radiator coolant reservoir, thats been kinda leaking where the hose connects. I’m gonna JB weld that, then poke around the PS system.

Your coolant shouldn’t be brown, though one time my fan died and it boiled and turned brown. So it could be it.

I drove it a bit, no sound. Parked and turned the wheel this way and that, no sound. But I did see a linkage right over where I saw the drops on the arms. So I know where it leaked, only its just not doing it now. I think I’ll just keep an eye on it, and my fluid levels.

Okay there buddy take it easy !!! Its just left over oil from the oil filter when it was changed !!!On a serious note , when the filter is changed it leaks all over the passenger side tie rod boot (like you have in the picture ) and a few specles on your exhaust and alot on your crossmember , this is normal , so chill . :smiley:

Found it. The transmission filter cover plate was leaking. It was covered with caked fluid. I realized I’d better check it, cuz my transmission is starting to slip! :x Plus I noticed it was shifting hard when I put it in reverse lately. Looks like I’d better put that MTX swap on the top of the list of things to do. Think Royal Purple ATX fluid will help? Its time for a change anyway.

This is what I need to find. How much does the ATX hold?


Like they always say:

“Never look at something that breaks as a bad thing because in reality it means UPGRADE!” :evil: