Powder coating

A few members asked me if I knew anyone that does powder coating. WE’ll through the all mighty car gods I got us a powder coater. Some of you have seen his work before. The SVO Mustang from Droptoberfest is his car. He did all the powder coating on it himself.
THe prices I got so far is

98 valve cover = $80 one color
98 valve cover in a candy or pearl finish == $110
99.5-03 covers== $90 for the VCT logo in a diffrent color
Break Calibers == $45 ech.
Strut Tower Bars ==$50

I’m also going to get prices on the TB and what ever else you guys can think of.

He also talked to me about a logo on the cover. If we can get a idea settled upon. He can do a logo or grafic on the cover as well.

Heres the guys web site: http://madadder.com/

this guys work was excellent. In a couple of days ill have an updated video from Droptoberfest. I plan on including the footage of Mad Adders work. btw I got the tape mike, thanks!

ok no peaking at the porn now mark. That was supposed to be erased. WEll at least its not my wife in it :smiley:

So does he sell the parts, or do we have to send them in?

send them in but i might be able to get some of the parts from the J/Y by me. If you put the order in early enough for me tio get the parts before the cars go to the crusher

Cool dude!

  • Darron

Damnit, I forgot about this. I kinda wanted em for the brake calipers, and you just mailed me the rear ones. Ah well. lol

what would everyone think of powdered chrome? its real ive seen it,both finished product and part from start to finish.

Sry ray o thought you knew about the power coater.

And No he doesnt do “Crome” he does do a high shine silver but not crome

Eh no biggie. I was thinking rims kinda like the stock DeLorean anyway, and coloring it might not look good.