Possible to install zx2 spoiler OEM onto 98 zx2?

I have a cold edition 98 zx2. I got this thing used, and have no clue why the first owner didnt opt for the hot package (ie alloy wheels, spoiler, ec)

Well I have aquired off of eBay, a OEM zx2 spoiler that is pretty close in color to my zx2. I plan to get it painted the right color and mount it onto my car somehow. I guess I have two options;

  • take it to some autobody, or custom shop to get it done.

  • goto the junk yards/autowreckers and find a trunk off a zx2 and just mount it on my car.

With my first option, I got all the mounting screws and bolts for the spoiler. I just need 6 holes aligned proper and drilled into the trunk ;/

My second option, I would have to first track down a trunk, then just unbolt my current one and disconnect the reverse lights / license plate lights. Then just re-splice them when I got it all back together.

Any opinions welcome :wink:

shouldn’t have to resplice anything the wires should come off the truck lid with a clip or something similar.

drill some holes and bolt it on… its really simple… all u gotta do is make sure its aligned. measure twice then drill… otherwise u’ll have to look for that trunk. :wink: theres no point in wasting money for something this simple… ull be able to do it w/ out a problem.