possibility of selling my 2000 zx2 with all mods

yep, definatly thinking about it.
looking for $2000 if I decide to get it out of impound.

leather seats
premium audio (plus aftermarket speakers and additional amps)
CWQ3 pcm
iceman intake
bored throttlebody
pnp head
pacesetter modfied and port matched header
powder pulley
s/r speedo cluster
power windows and power locks (power locks need a couple of parts for passenger side)
double guage pods on a pillar.
polyeurethane mounts and shifter inserts.
rear disc brakes
about 86,000 miles
I’ll even include a head that has been milled to 11:1 compression.
almost forgot the best part. I will include the invader body kit!!!
so let me know people!!

someone let me know if this is reasonable!

Hey bro !! talk to Jaxx he might be interested.

jaxx haven’t heard that name in awhile
thanks ese!

A couple questions I know that others would be interested in knowing…What trans? What stateare you in?

  • Darron

it has the 98 tranny and it’s in cali

i think Darron meant MTX or ATX