Port and Polish

My friend who is big into cars is about to port and polish the heads on his Mustang, and offered to do mine while he’s at it, as long as I help him… YAY!!! Anybody think they wanna guess at how much power I might see come of this???

Caling JohnP…Calling JohnP…here’s a question for you! ^^^

In terms of power gain its negligible unless you have other power adders in the system like a new intake, intake manifold, P & P throttle body, bigger MAF, just to get the air in. Then a header and a good exhaust to get the bad out. Nothing is really going to add a massive amount of hp unless you have an entire series of mods or forced induction. A P & P by itself no miracle power adder.

Well duh… lol. Yeh, I already have an intake… big whoop. But I guess I should get that other stuff done too, ey? Probly won’t be hard to get my friend to P&P my throttle body… I know the Focus racing manifold can be made to fit on our car… P&P that too… but where can I get a bigger MAF???

Hey none of us know what you did to your car first so we don’t know what to tell you anyway. A new MAF can be made by most custom shops if they swing the escort way but that can only be used with a new fuel management system, larger injectors, prob a bigger fuel pump, maybe add a proper fuel return system.

You can get a bigger MAF on EBAY with out any problems. Look for a Mustang MAF; just be sure about which one you need and what they are calibrated for. I just won a 70mm MAF for $51 plus shipping. But I needed a MAF with the IAT sensor too. That meant I need a 6-pin setup as apposed to the older 4-pin.

If you have the 4 pin it will be much easier to get a MAF and cheaper. But if it has the 6-pin like mine, I had to wait for 2 weeks before I could bid on one. Just keep an eye out for one, that’s all. I have found that they really didn’t implement the 6-pin setup until about 2000 or 2001.

oh yeah if yah need a head work done we can do any and all porting and polishing, installation over oversized valves…etc