port and polish

what kind of gains could i get out of a port and polished head guys? my mods are intake,udp,odp,4-2-1 header,exhaust,plug wires,sct x-2. I’m hoping for at least 25 horse! later when the money is right ill be doing the intake manifold then getting a bigger mass air flow and all that good junk i also have a focus central throttle body waiting to be bolted up. :wink:

Send a private message to Jayco and ask him. He’ll have figures for ya!

Since you have the bolt ons already, it would be a good bit, but I don’t know about 25 horses.

Then again, I don’t really know too much about how much extra juice those give you… LoL So I don’t know.

yea i’m pretty sure at least 25 or more i’m pumped!! i wanted to see what you guys thought

good luck man…message Jay-R at Jayco and he should be able to do what you want.

ok cool i found a great deal at a good race shop 600 bucks done deal with labor! what do you guys think?

What are they doing for $600?

port and polished head and all the labor i think its a sweet deal!

Sounds like a decent price.
After that mod, start thinking about an new intake manifold and throttle body. After that, start thinking about new piston rods.

got the focus central ready to bolt up and im goin port match the intake manifold

ill figure it out tomorrow my brain hurts right now…

i got my head p&ped with portmatched intake manifold. i didn’t get the throttle body bolted up and that hurts! :expressionless: any guesstimations on what my gains are? mods are listed in signature.

you need to install larger valves…

oh yeah im goin all out with it :smiley: