pointless thread

this site needs a pointless thread

edit: you say what ever is on your mind

i think im sick
or i think that im going to skip some classes tomorrow

of peanut parts.

ok never mind

flb4lf this is where you can make random out of nowhere post

I hope you don’t renig on that… :smiley:

I love driving, and on April the 13th(Friday), I’m laying down some serious stripes! :evil:

im watching snl

How is it that they’re beginnings? Like a circle, what started a circle, then what started that, and that, and so forth… Like the beginning of time. If there was nothingness, how can there be something. And if there is something, what started that, and then what started that? WTF!?! It makes absolutely no sense!

I was cooking strips of steak tonight and decided to fry the little grizzly fat pieces. I ate a few of them (yeah disgusting i know!)and thought damn, Beef fat looks like fat you see on one of those liposuction shows on tv. Then I realized i was a cannibal.

Some one post a detailed hasbrown recipe. :smiley:

I was watching Glenn Beck on Headline News today, I might be a porn addict. Robin Meade is hot, Adriana Costas is hotter! I watch too much news.

The penguins… the’re after me…

Clowns clowns clowns there coming after me. Help

When birds fly over head, never look up!

Sign of a failing water pump… Temperatures rise and you blow a hole in your manifold.

the voises n my head tell me to leave them alone


i want a tv

gotta love Duffs… I can’t put these wings down. and I did look up…

I wish we had TV too. We have two televisions in the house, just no rabbit ears or cable. We are waiting until after Christmas to get cable because of Christmas shopping and other bills. Bills suck.
God rocks!! Woohoo!!


i just drand some bawls

Whats everyone favortie car movies?
My favorite movie is Two Lane Blacktop.
Second favorite is Thunder Road.
Other movies I like are the older Herbie movies, the original Gone in 60 Seconds, Bullit but thats just the chase scene, New Jersey Drive there was a good chase scene in that one too.
I don’t like those three particular movies, which I’m sure ya’ll know what they are…

Ah Herbie. The original determined 4 banger.