plans for my zx2

So here are my tentative plans of what mods i wanna do:

Powder udp

header…i have read some stuff on doing a 4-2-1 or 4-1 so if anyone has any advice there please give it


pnp maybe, is it worth it. I have only read a little about it so i don’t know how worth it it would be

then a sct x2 hopefully…

Im kinda just looking for any advice on these or if you think i should add anything, I’ll probably do the udp first since its cheapest.

also if i was maybe wanting to go the turbo route later (much later when i have a spare $3000 lying around) i would have to redo the header and exhaust right? maybe im confused but i just wanted check. thanks

oh and so you know i already have done an intake, and pulled the knock sensor

Welcome aboard.

Since you already have the intake I will say go with the following list below

-Super chips custom tuning

-Header(Kami,Obx,etc). Matters on what emission laws you have. If you want to keep it some what stock you could go with a JBA.


-Remove dead weight on the car-Spare tire, etc

This should give you a good start.