Pissdrunx New S/R work log

I bought this car few months back for $500. It was beat on by a younger kid. I tracked the car back to two different forum members here out of Oregon. I even had a old for sale ad screen shotted from years before i purchased the car lol.

My whole goal with this car was to restore it to its former glory with maybe a few upgrades. They car does not have original trans or engine. It was a turbo car at one point. It had some of the harness chopped up in a few spots, bumper falling off lag bolted on, interior really dirty and dusty… well the whole car is laced with a fine layer of dust. Flywheel was cracked, broken interior peices, stereo wiring butched (custom wires ran), needs new window motor/regulators.

But all pf the S/R stuff is there. Car has about 172k on it (idk what mileage is on engine or trans).

Have any pics of it?

wow. that sounds pretty rough piss…