Piggy backed interior lighting (neon)

So I finally finished my interior neons on the car with 12" neons under the front dash and under the seats. Seats are sound sensitive for the bass with consistent lighting under the dash, the wires are hidden and piggy backed off of the lighter due to it not being used. I’ll have pics up on this later, if anyone wants the wiring diagram and the layout I’ll email it to you.

The car is red therefore the neons are red. The neons were placed on the side panel inside the dash on the driver’s side to backlight the pedals instead of over them for light so there isn’t a shadoe on your foot and the passenger’s side is just under the glove compartment, the wires route into the climate control in the back and up to the cigarette lighter with a lit toggle display and toggle switches mounted just under the climate control (will post pics).

Mmmmm lights…

Now you can see your shoes or that taco you left there from the morning.

…yum, still good!

DUDE! Cool. If you don’t mind (and if you do too bad) I’m gonna go with your idea…I think. I’m trying to make my ashtray a switchboard and I think I’ll use your switch idea to allow the switchboard to be active…hmm… `wheels turning…smoke oozing out of ears…~

  • Darron

yea, thats how I hooked up all my neons but I used 14" neons under the footwells, none under seats and 1 infront of my sub box that is 20 some inches. Then in the trunk, i disconnected the regular trunk light and spliced into those wires and hooked a neon up. Now when I open the trunk, the neon comes on instead of the regular light.

O yea, I put the switch on top of the little removable panel in the passengers footwell on the left side.

Has anyone tried placing switches above the radio? Through the vinyl.

I didn’t want to cut up the dash or anything in case it needed sold… so i drilled holes under the climate control (where no one would ever notice) for the mounting display, so if it is removed with the wiring you’d never know.