Pictures of my Bike

Well I know this is kind of pointless, but I want to post some pics of what she looked like before I wrecked her.

Now here are the depressing pics…

And here are the pics poking fun at Derek!

haha mark you ass, i’m so coming back to fight you in my new helmet!

goes to grab helmet

Too bad the deer got away. Would have been cool to mount those antlers on the front of the bike.

Before I post my pictures. Thanks for sharing your pics mark and i’m sorry for all that happened. However, I’m glad you are choosing to wear your leathers from now on bro…

Now… onto the virtual ninja fight. ITS ON! BWAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol:


Nothing can beat the bug-eyed, double-fisted, whooping-crane style

i seee theres a piece of the deer still in/on your bike keep it 4 memory

and will you two stop this viloence

I personally find it very amusing:) Lol!!


What the hell…??? You guys are nuts! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Darron