Pictures from mckay creek ride :)

more to share!

[url=] ... ckaycreek/[/url] :) Mark you gotta get that bike done and hit the roads over here buddy :)

Sweet pics Koi. It’s really pretty out where you live:) The bike is great too :stuck_out_tongue:


god damn… i wanna take a spin on those twisties…

ditto derek im going to have to take a trip out to the west coast one day

Here’s the beautiful part. The road was closed off a way back and I was able to take a backroad to get there. So no one was around for almost 30 miles. Didn’t see a damn person till I got back. I had the whole place to myself.

As to the other part, you like those twisties, check this out :stuck_out_tongue:

wait wait wait, ur in oregon right? so am i… where is this place at?

Mckay creek is entry of 5 miles outside of prineville and goes for about 40 miles.