sorry for the shitty pic i took them with my phone on my way out the door to class its got the 5.7l v8 its a gas hog but fun to drive was already out playing in some fields during my break at school


How much did you pay for that? Looks good, nice and clean

my neighbor has 1 that looks exactly like that and another 1 that looks a lil older, that is a blueish color.

what’s so greta about it?

its nothing specail but thanks for being a buzz kill lets play that game again later … anyway it was 5g 110k and its immaculte inside and out not even one scratch or burn hole anywhere… the only problem is it doesnt have the keyless entry remote ( 130bucks from the dealer) and the hatch shocks are blown( 20 a piece from autozone ) ohh and i get about 11 miles to the gallon

ah just throw a cone filter on there! Lol!!!