Pics tomorrow night - BRAKE DUCT SYSTEM!

You read it right. I made the stock facia, those 2 little holes with vents on each side of the facia fully utilized and fully functional brake ducts for brake cooling. Walkthrough, pics, info and testing info tomorrow night :slight_smile:



I knew those could have been used for something!

Ok so I’m still working on a system to actually flow the air over to the back like most brake ducts do to the back of the rotor, either way FRESH AIR and cold air in any circumstance is going to help because this is actually still positioning are behind the tire/wheel and not to the tire. Even just runaround driving today felt a bit better, it wasn’t a gigantic amount because it is not yet routed to the back of the rotor (i have to find a way to make the wheel clear it first) but my brakes didn’t feel like they were as shitty after lots of braking.

So for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures of the setup SO Far…

looks greatcderek keep up the good work

I still want to mod it more and do it more extensively but it’s a start.

Cool, looks like your car is in a garage on Mars!

LOL! Polo’s right! Keep up the good work hommie!

  • Darron

mars is great, i enjoy it here.