Pics of Z

I thought I had posted the pics of my car here back when i got it.

Heres my 2000 ZX2 MTX

Mods so far and audio:

Spectre custom CAI w/ K&N typhoon filter
205x50x15 khumo tires
Borla S/R 2.25 in Cat back 2.25"
B&M short shifter
S/R Cluster
S/R shift knob and boot
S/R Tokico Struts
S/R Eibach Pro Kit
Front Slotted and drilled rotors Zinc plating
Polk 6.5-inch 4-way Speakers (front)
Polk 6" x 8" 3-way Speakers (rear)
Kenwood 400w amp 4 ch. KAC-6402
Sony Xplod 1000w 2 channel sub amp
2x Sony Xplod Subs 1000w
Short euro style antenna
Front Strut tower bar MX-3
22mm Rear sway bar adjustable
JBA Header
Powder’s UDP
Goodyear Gatorback belt ODP
ZXTuner Header Gasket
High Flow Cat
2.25" Flex pipe SS



Awesome car!

Thanks guys.

Here’s my dyno attempt:

Those dyno results seem very low. When you say attempt, I’m gussing you believe that should be higher right?

If that is who I think it is, that is just an in car estimated run. It takes the gear ratios, tire sizes, car weight etc into consideration and then gives you a rough estimate of what you would run on the dyno.

Yup thats exactly it and yup im visualjazz on the teamzx2 forums.

Ill get better pics tomorrow.

High flow cat and 2.25" piping from header flange to borla.

Looks good dude :wink:

That is a damn clean zx2.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You have any more recent ones? Seriously that is a REALLY clean Z!

Ya i have some stuff i havent posted here. Ill update it tomorrow.

Updates are teh roxxerz.

we demand pics! haha

^Thats what it sounded like full 3 in" intake not stock maf housing didnt work.


Little expirement i had:

webcam used to record from behind lol. Records at 720p so looked good.

dude a cam? that’s sick! I’d stick it in the front and go have fun in the twisties

Put in front too just didnt take pics. Ill get a clip up once i edit it.

i see you change the stock cat to another one? Is it any good and have you gone for emissions testing since u have done it?( I have the same style)

Havent done emmissions testing yet. But havent thrown a code and its been on there for a while now.