Pics of the Z...

I have some more pics just need to upload them…

Yay, pics of the Z

It looks so clean…I love it.

In person its really dirty and has a spot of rust about a .25" in diameter on the roof where there is a nice rock chip that went all the way through :frowning:

Thanks for the comments guys. :mrgreen:

Anyways I know I keep going back and forth about what to do with the “Z”. Well in about a month or so I am driving it up from Florida to Wisconsin. There it will live in the darkness of my parents garage till a later date when I have more time to take care of it and actually work on it. The last 6 months in the Florida sun have really dulled my paint job :frowning: and have taken a toll on the car itself.

Some stuff I am thinking of selling. I will move this to the for sale section in a bit. Just want to see if anyone is interested. I will also post some prices later on.

Things I am selling:

~ Stock front bumper
Brand new and painted (black). Paint job is not the greatest.

~ Motegi MR3 - Super Silver - 17" x 7" 40mm offset - 4/100 Plus Toyo Tires
Tires are almost brand new. Not sure how many miles. Rims have a few scratches.

~ CTA Intake with Hose Techniques Couplings
Intake is scratched from hood. Once buffed looks pretty good.

~ Custom dual 12" Sub Box. Made to fit the openings behind the rear seats.
Aprox. 1 cubic foot for each sub.

~ 2 12" MTX 4000 Subs

~ MTX 2300 AMP

~ Wings West Kit
Needs new paint. Currently Black

nice ride.

I may want the WW kit, though I’m guessing you want to sell the kit as a whole? I don’t need the front lip.

what you want for the WW. I know Darth is drooling, but so am I!!!

I am not sure how much I want for it. I will not be taking the kit off till I get some time anyways. So you are looking around May maybe??? Thats when I should have some time to get it off the Z. I am also selling it as a whole kit. If you want you can then sell the front lip by itself. I just don’t want to take the time. :mrgreen:

Ok, battle royal then Mark? :smiley:

Rockem Sockem Robots?

You wish :evil:

jk, seriously, I’ve always been more about go than show and if the funds clear for you first (they probably will) then go for it.

But if you can’t I’d like to get it. :smiley:

lol! I doubt they will clear for me first, trust me on that one. But at least it would get a good home from either of us.

Screw paint, I’ll put that WW kit on as is! Miranda! I hear a real intake in your future maybe!?!? :wink: Man I wish I hadn’t gotten screwed on my taxes this year.

  • Darron

if either of these guys don’t get the kit i may be interested-- also may be interested in the wheels and maybe front bumper and intake too

Hey mark, did you ever come up with a way to get the WW front lip on our 03s? I’m guessing you were thinking a lot of fiberglass.

I’d definitely want the wheels… I’d just have to see how much…

actually I was thinking about this today.

I dont know if any one would consider this a bastardization of the WW kit or not but I was thinking about taking the front lip of the 03 and basically notching a hole in the 03 front that the WW lip (or parts of the lip such as the sides) would fit in.

I dunno how it would work, but I know it will take fiberglass!

There’s Honda’s that have similarly sized front bumpers to the 03 zx2, I was thinking about getting a Honda front lip instead of possibly messing up a WW kit and not having it work…

Both sound interesting, though after thinking about it, because fiberglassing would be necessary either way, I think it would be better to chop up a honda bumper.

Chris! Make me an offer on the WW kit. :smiley: