Pics of the aufderheide trip.


Great pics!!! That place looks insane! I would love to ride there!!!

I can resist… I have to comment on some of your pics! Aufderheide is german right?

[url=] ... ure030.jpg[/url]

The German Army protecting the bridge

[url=] ... ure050.jpg[/url]

Black Cat???

All in all it looks like it was a great trip! I really have to get to know some people and go riding!

It is german, though I do not know what it means.

I know that it swallows riders every year and is notorious for it’s blind and crazy corners. But its a blast!

lmao at your picture captions, lol!

I need to get some pictures of the corners themselves, you’re seeing the landmarks, not the twisties :evil:

That rocky place is crazy! I would love to see it!

Its actually part of an area which has volcanoes as well as craters. There is one place which is a gigantic crater in the ground you can go see and another place which is entirelly covered for MILES in lavarock. There is also a place you can pull over which is covered in obsidian that my friend didn’t get a chance to take us to that he said you can actually see the ground as shiny, sharp shards of obsidian rock EVERYWHERE. Very cool place to visit. Awesome places to go, great landmarks, lots to see and some of the nastiest and most fun twisties you’ll ever get on.

I believe its some guy’s last name…definetallly not a word i know

Great pics Koi, and great comments Mark! Lol. I’m particularly fond of the pic of the cute li’l chipmunk. :slight_smile:

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