pics of my ride

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nice pics… FYI I deleted you other post as it was a double post.

Yikes. :?

Hey guys! im a hottt girl with a not so hot car. Everyone calls it a piece… grr… i’d like to show them the piece of ASS they arent gettin… anyways… i need help fixin up my car… 2000 zx2… red… only thing i got right now is a 10" audiobahn and red interior neons… i need a cheap body kit and i know nothing about whats under the hood… help! i wanna be a hot racer chick… i’ve won a few on my own against some cocky mothers who cant watch a light… help me out fellas!

liddle nikki

Sure, we could help. All Right. Always good to have more “hot racer chicks” out there. Body kits…there are so many. I would recommend Andy’s Auto Sport for a body kit. CTA Motorsports for some parts and others Some cheap suspension parts from John Bleakly Ford which would put you up to a S/R model. You can also cross over into Focus parts, sometimes at Focus Sport.

I have more links…just thought you should look through these first.

hello nikki as for as parts those are some good places to start or im me and i can get part prices from zxtuner79 hes always good for some discounts
i even got some extra parts around here i’ll get rid of cheap
like i just sold a AEM udp for 25$ i’ll look around ans see what i got

theres also the Axiom facia but it’s pricey its what i have

ive got a hotshot intake but its for the 98 i dunno how you would go about using it for the 00 since it has a diff. maf

…just use the stock MAF that came with the car. They only added the IAT sensor in with the MAF sensor in the later years. But the size is the same.

Where are you from Nikki? If its around the Chicago area I will make you 1 second faster in the 1/4 mile for almost nothing.

She’s from TX according to the other post.

I won’t post any other info 'cause everthing cheap I’ve come up with this far has been said. Except I haven’t noticed anyone mention the Wings West kit (WW kit) for her exterior. I like that one best.

  • Darron

I thought that they werent making that kit anymore???

if they are still making i have to see how to fit it to my 03!!!

Might help if you would register on the forum :wink:

She if from TEXARKANA, Arkansas. Look in her profile and her MySpace site is in there.

You have the link?

wow everyone was talkin about me like i am incapable… hahahahha anyways thanks guys… yea im from texarkana… i will try to have pics within a week…

sorry to offend you if we did :cry:

yeah no disrespect meant, just a bunch of guys having fun.

its cool! im a big girl and i can talk crap just as well as you can… i just have to learn about you before i can clown on you… for example… playa… guys who brag about gettin some… usually arent gettin any… and if you have to steal other guys chicks you are jealous and cant get any of your own… its all fun and games dear… dont cry