Pics of my accident last week

Well here are the pictures of my accident from last week. I think i told most everybody what happened but just to recap:

I witnessed a guy in a E250 Van hit a deer at 75-80mph on the highway. Shame too it was a 4 pointer and hunting season is about to start… Van was totaled. I stopped to help the guy, pulled my e-brake, jumped out of the car to go see if the guy was dead or alive and the car rolled into the guard rail. Scrapped up the fender pretty good and put a nice dent into the fiberglass bumper. At least the guy survived the wreck!!

mark i think you posted this already

these pics were taken tonight. I posted cell phone pics the other day. I probably should have posted under the same thread… my bad!!

You’re a big boy Mark…you can move, delete threads. :sunglasses:

  • Darron

It doesn’t look THAT bad, also looks like your tyre managment skills are good. :slight_smile:

It could be alot worse, at least she’s not totalled. Hopefully when you go to fix it it wont hurt your wallet too bad.


Howd it roll if you pulled the e-brake? :?

must be something wrong with it… I havent had teh time to raise her up and look at her. I know for a fact the ebrake cable is fine at the drums.

Wow… more proof that no good deed goes unpunished. Sucks that your car got hurt while you were trying to look out for another person.

the car may have suffered a little, but karma was on my side. The last couple of days I recieved a couple of unexpected checks in the mail that are going towards bills so that I can start saving for a new paint job.

Gald everythingsturning back around for ya. :wink:

I’m glad your not hurt .

I think its time for someone to get new tires :-o

I would have to agree on that one. :-o

Sucks your car got jacked up dude. It’s always sad to see good cars get messed up. But it’s good on you that you checked on him.

Is it just me, or have a lot of Zs lately gotten jacked up?

Thanks everyone… I know I need new tires. I posted what everyone though of the Yokohama Avid TRz’s but no response yet. Anyone have Potenza RE92’s? thats what im running and maybe its me or maybe its the car but I seem to go through a pair / year.

Yeah i have noticed alot of z’s getting jacked up too.

Yeah i have noticed alot of z's getting jacked up too.

I guess I should start counting my blessings that nothing has happened to my Z. Aside from the crash that paid for my body kit.

Jen has Nitto NeoGens. They grip really nice. I’ve tried them out on several occasions. Very good tires.

Good to know.

How is everyone getting more than 9000 miles out of their tyres?!? What am I doing wrong?