here is a site with some photos of the new “zx2” i think


looks kinda like to car in the new bond movie

Absolutely hate it, if that is what it is.

“Most of the changes for next year will be cosmetic, with a new three-bar grille up front similar to the larger Ford Fusion midsize sedan.”



Too square to actually replace the ZX2 we know, but at least it’s a 2-door coupe. There could be some potential for styling there, but I don’t see it being as attractive as ours… Undecided on it.

Pre 2000 cars FTW! :smiley:

its still calling it a focus scratches head… so in that case it isn’t a zx2

of course it’s a ZX2! it has 2 doors and is a coupe body style, and is based on the plebian model of ford’s model lineup of that given year.

i think it has a hint of BMW 3 series in the roofline and side sculpting. it might actually be a real looker.

they are scheduled to unveil the car next month at the Detroit Auto Show. In the meantime, I saw some more leaked photos of a better grille and headlamp shot and it looks pretty cool imo.

i’m gonna buy one :slight_smile:


link to interior shots:

link to new grille:


i did a little photohack and here’s what it may look like w/o the camo and lowered down a bit… baby 3 series!

sincerily i dont like it ! :x

i serius angry !! the zx2 is a a sport car

Seriously? Learn to spell please and make coherent sentences.

So what happened with this?

You can build one for purchase on fords website, however I have yet to see the coupes riding around my area.

I may be wrong but i THINK i saw one on the highway the other day. Man those suckers are tall in person… I still like the low and wide feeling of my ZX2 but they aren’t too bad looking…

A girl at my work drives one. They look nice.

i reallllly like the interior.

I hate these things, I see them all of the time. They look terrible IMO.

The major “Roush” and “SVT” dealers aren’t carrying them here in E. TN. They always have everything and anything that can be website built. They have the new 4dr Focus but not any 2 door coupe type anything…